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What are the things to start doing now

Start Now

After spending 5 months of new experiences I had, including running this blog, I had a few lessons and actions I try to take into my daily routine, which make me feel a lot more productive and motivated

These are very simple steps that I think can be done by anyone at anytime with notable results, try them, you have nothing to loose

Here they are:
1. Start your day with drinking a glass of water – it sounds like a reasonable and easy thing to do, actually tastes great and is highly recommended and dicussed about (see this simple search)

2. Get going with your tasks – The most significant part of handling a complex task is simply starting it. Don’t think of how to progress, it will come naturally

3. Listen to success stories and successful people – amazing motivation enhancer, I automatically get the urge to think of how can I relate to the story and do something on my own (Tim Ferriss’s podcast is a good place to start)

4. Use your daily commute to learn something new – I have a range of 40-60 minutes driving each direction to work – instead of hearing the depressing news, listen to a podcast, online course lecture and gain knowledge on something you weren’t aware of

5. Do some sort of sports activity – running, gym, squats, push-ups will do the trick – nothing fancy, just make your bloodstream flow

6. Find your strength and amplify it – Try doing more of what you are the best at – it can be cooking, running, coding, selling… you’ll get a lot more success stories, people around you might notice your abilities and provide you with new opportunities to try

7. Tell your spouse you love him/her – it will put a smile on your both faces, feeling good, refreshed and angry free

8. Think positive – see your problems as challanges and possible lessons to learn (rememeber that its good to learn something new everyday)

9. Last but not least – start your todo list now!! Clean your mind from all your tasks and the stress that comes with thinking of them all the time. Arrange and simplify your week by making a clear list of things to do and you will be amazed by how fast you get things done

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