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What are the benefits of commuting time


Work commuting, integral part of our lives.
Some use bikes, some trains, some walk.
The rest of us, many of us, drive our cars
For me, until a year ago was one big pain, than I started turning this event to one of the more productive times of the day
Think about it, its a time where all we do is listen to the radio for some morning show or songs and stare at the back of the car ahead of us – there is a way to add a real value to this time.

I like to see myself as a regular person, like my readers, and the things I managed to find, which contiributed me a lot, are achievable for all of you

Here are a few suggestions for activities in times like this ranging from no costs to several dollars

Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to get inspired.
Discussions with or about successful people will trigger your will for self empowerment.
It will get you thinking how you can make a change today.
I recommend Tim Ferris as a good starting point, his discussions will give you the tools and ideas on how to proceed with your journey

Listen to an audio book

Many books have a digital audio versions
You should not stop reading physical copies but add another layer of exposure to the knowledge contained in them.
Books can provide you with practical knowledge and tools to learn new skills and nurture your soul with fiction and poetry, you can have a lineup for the mood you have every day and use them to reach the best starting point for your day

My favorite type of books is biographies, history’s greates poeple thoughts, decisions, acts and feelings in direct stream to your ears

I am using Audible library, you can start with 1 free month and in case 14.95$ which is the montyly subscription cost, there are occasional coupons for free books arround black friday and other major sales times arround the year

Have a list of phone calls ready to use

Phone calls are tasks that require no more than few minutes but during working hours its not easy to find the right time
We all need to contact our cable provider, call a plumber or even say hi to our parents, so here is a good opportunity to spend the time waiting for customer service or simply being a good son or girl
You can also use that time for having work related meetings that usually, when done face to face, take longer due to time it takes for everyone to arrive and pass the small talks phase
During traffic, having nothing better to do, you will have more patience and will pay attention to details, allowing you and the person you are talking with get more value

Prepare for your lecture

For those of you giving lectures, the ability to talk in front of a crowd is not that intuitive
Excitement could make you look uncomfortable, confused and less confident
Off course we cannot prepare a whole lecture, this is an art of its own, but rehearsing the lecture once you know what your subjects are will help you figure out the best ways to serve it to your audience.

Think about your next blog post

This is the final idea
Guess where I got it from 🙂
Actually the idea for the current post was born as a joint result from several of the tasks above, mainly podcasts and lectures involving creating valuable content and sharing.

I hope this list gives you a good starting point for tomorrow morning or evening during coming rush hours

Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts on this subject

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