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7 Facts about Roger Federer daily routine and more

Roger Federer


After winning Wimbledon for the eighth time , here are a few knowledgeable and inspiring facts about Roger Federer

As any other athlete, his daily routine mostly revolves around fitness and food habbits:

Roger Federer is arguably the best player of all time, and one that any tennis player would love to emulate. So what does a champion eat the morning of a match? It may surprise you to know that Federer’s match-day breakfast includes waffles with raspberry syrup. In addition, he has juice, a shot of vinegar, coffee, cereal, and fruit

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As a person, The Swiss Maestro has a special attitude that helps him cope with the intensity and hurdles in his life – he searches and manages to see the positive side and aspects of the outcomes of paths in his journey

1. He was a vegetarian as a teenager but after a joint dinner with Marc Rosset, he started eating dishes of meat and as found a positive outcome. As he said, it makes your life a lot easier when you’re invited somewhere

2. Roger is also a parent for 2 sets of cute twins.

You would think that being at the top of the Tennis world and raise 4 kids would be impossible but he thinks otherwise and finds the positive angle to address this challenge

“Obviously we’ve had tougher nights and easier nights, no doubt about it, but I must say things are very smooth. I think we’re more relaxed second time around, whereas the first time you don’t know the hotel set-up, you don’t know how the travelling is going to be, and that can make you panicky.

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3. Generally, if you’de ask him for his advice you will definitely get the positive angle from him:

Asking Federer for advice about anything can be a little daunting, for the answer is usually the same: “it was great”, “it went really well”, “we had a good time”. He isn’t bluffing: he just has a unique ability to ride out anything that life throws his way, whether it be a second double buggy or a six-month back problem.

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4. As a child Roger turned to sports which allowed him to mentally be able to let go, in order to get the focus he needed during school time

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5. Early in his professional career, his attitude was the base ground that allowed him to develop and become the superstar he is today:

Federer said his career finally went golden when he learned not to panic on the court when he was down or under pressure

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6. Last but not least, Roger, who is a legend in his profession, also makes sure to have fun and enjoy his way. Based on his Twitter account he is hilarious:

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