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Time to take productivity and personal growth to a new level

The thing about productivity and personal growth is eventually – do stuff. Just Do It!

Nike – Just Do It (credit – Pixabay)


I’ve been following lots of blogs, podcasts, TED talks, books and more in the past 2 years

It was addictive, brought a stream of energy and motivation. I wanted to conquer the world, do it all and do it now

But as time went on, I started to get a feeling it sounds the same, similar mantras by different people

I think that I have reached a point where the stuff out there will not promote me on my way

Its like I reached a phase where I just need to move on, take the methods that stuck, use some basic prioritization logic to avoid real unnecessary tasks and that’s it

From now on I’m on my way setting my own path

Our role models and inspiration sources have left their mark on the world using a path they planned and designed, stepped on, worked hard, left blood and sweat and achieved, not others.  So when I think of doing something because someone else has done it, it fills like an imitation, something that is not mine and at the end it won’t last

The secret is to work hard, limitless, believe in achieving the goal
Do a lot and leave just enough space for luck to turn it into the huge success we deserve

There is always a place for inspiration, a killer sentence which purifies a moment from the usual noise
I search for these small treasures every week using a simple feed with high chances of hitting that target, based on the words inspiration + quotes
But I know it is only the top of the iceberg, the real deal will come from hard work


On a closing note, I am on my path, it will take me somewhere! It involves writing as well hence this post. It is not easy at all for me as someone who fills like he doesn’t have much to say.

In order to write I need to experience new things and talk about them – this will bring the value to you all so you could return and hopefully get inspired to choose your own path, better now than ever




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