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Leo Messi 2 special characteristics and daily routine

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We’re usually used to see world iconic characters’ daily routines as a set of special and inspiring habits such as early birds mornings with meditations, health meals and self time.

With Leo Messi, things appear to be different, how different? Lets see.

Leo Messi is one of the best football players in the last decade.
He is an Argentinian playing for FC Barcelona from Spain with huge fan base all over the world admiring every move he makes on the pitch.

His playing skills inspire people all over the world every week for so many years, almost every year he breaks new records, partially broken earlier by himself.
Such excellence and consistency that allow him to remain at such high levels require special personality and inner values.

Following interviews he gave throughout his career, I came to a conclusion that the most special thing about him is his simple view of life.

He has no special mantras of striving for perfectionism; he simply lives his life day to day, game to game.

Lets start with the daily routine – the classic family guy:

My day to day life is very much based around the kids. In the morning I take them to school and when I come back from training I practically leave straight away to pick up Thiago. When he finishes school, we try to spend time together with Antonella and Mateo until dinner. We put them to bed and then not much else, spending time amongst ourselves to pass the time. Everything that a normal family does.

(Marca interview with Messi)

More on the evening routine:

By the evening, the time I go to sleep varies. If it’s been a busy day with a heavy training session and I feel tired, then it’ll be earlier. But as a general rule, me, my other half and the little one don’t have a definite time to go to sleep. I find it easiest to drift off with the TV on in the background. That noise helps me relax.

( interview)

Work related routines

– He uses the same route driving to the training field in order to to help with concentration. ( interview)

– Before training starts, after having breakfast with his teammates, Messi drinks tea called mate and spends some time with the others until practice starts. ( interview)

– Regarding his training routine, I did not find much directly related information with any special training plans. You can find several images and videos of Messi during workouts (1, 2).
He did note that he puts in additional effort in strengthening of his legs (Interview) but generally speaking, it looks like he puts in the required effort a professional player will have.

– There is however one special routine in his schedule, which is one morning per month, where he spends some time promoting or giving media interviews (ESPN interview).


There are several characteristics Messi possesses that are worth noting that managed to bring him to the special place he got to


Who doesn’t want to be the best in his field?
Everyone who reaches star level enjoys being there and lets the whole world know that they is the best
With Messi the opposite is the truth.
The 5 times best footballer of the year award winner is always uncomfortable with questions about his top level performance.
Lowering his look, scratching the back of his head with embarrassment, he responds that he does the best he can, focuses on the next game and enjoying his time on the pitch

what I do is play soccer which is what I like


Handling pressure

This is a critical characteristic that can explain the base of his success – ability to accept pressure and use it for his own good

Pressure in football is an interesting topic. Personally, I try to help myself as best I can. I’m always looking to remain as calm and relaxed as possible when I go onto the pitch. When I feel the grass beneath my feat I feel sure, because playing football is what I enjoy most. Is that pressure a blessing or curse? I don’t know.

I try to use pressure to help me in every game. Pressure helps me do things to the best of my ability. I like it. I don’t feel pressure; quite the contrary, because I always enjoy what I’m doing and that’s playing football.

( interview)



To finish off I would like to use this quote of him, simple and actually really inspiring:

always get better, always want more, always be my top critic and accepting the good and the bad

(ESPN interview)



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